"EOLIS: For dynamic management of your risk"

EOLIS is your dedicated online credit management service. It is devoted to helping you manage and administer your credit insurance policy easily and efficiently. Due to the amount of functionality included in the system, we have developed this guide to help you become more familiar with EOLIS.

Manage your Euler Hermes Credit Insurance online with Eolis

Welcome to Euler Hermes. On this website, we explain you the possibilities of Eolis step by step. Eolis is the online platform of Euler Hermes, which allows you to proactively manage your policy.

What you can do with EOLIS:

This manual gives you an overview of all the features EOLIS is offering. Which options you can use depends on your policy type.

Need help?

If there is an aspect of EOLIS that is not addressed in this guide, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Advice and Solutions department via 0800 - 3853765 of via e-mail CAS@eulerhermes.com

CAS gives you quick answers to all your questions! You can call this department for all your questions about your policy or our online system EOLIS. They also answer questions about credit limits, collection files or claims. The CAS department is available on working days from 08:30 to 17:30.